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There’s no reason why the average homeowner can’t tackle simple DIY home fixes.  You can do some painting, carpeting, and even changing out the float in the toilet tank, just for example. However, there are certain tasks you should really hire a qualified professional to perform.

Electrician services tend to fall into this category. Some homeowners feel comfortable swapping out fixtures or undertaking simple electrical-related tasks.  However, you wouldn’t necessarily want update wiring on your own or add new outlets or fixtures.

Many homeowners don’t want to mess with electrical systems at all due to risks like electrocution or starting an electrical fire. In this case, hiring qualified electrical contractors in Vancouver is probably a good idea. You just want to make sure you hire a licensed electrician. Here are some of the benefits you’ll gain by doing so.

1. Training

Licensure implies standardized training. Electricians that are certified, licensed, or otherwise approved by authorities will have to meet specific standards for training, including mastering skill requirements and completing a set number of hours of practical work.

They’ll also have to learn about safety, as well as local codes to ensure that projects are completed in a safe and legal fashion. This is the type professional you want working on your home. Without licensure, you don’t know what level of skill and experience you’ll get.

2. Quality of Work

Because of the stringent standards involved in training to earn licensure, you know that hiring a licensed electrician implies a certain level of workmanship and results. When you hire unlicensed workers you may receive excellent work or you could end up with an electrical overload that results in a house fire. You can expect quality work when you hire a licensed electrician.

3. Inspections

Any time you have significant work done on your electrical system, you’re probably going to want an inspection. For one thing, failing to have an inspection could invalidate your homeowner’s insurance in the event of a malfunction.

In addition, you can’t expect to sell your home without passing an inspection. It’s best to make sure everything is up to code following the completion of a project. When you hire a licensed Vancouver electrical contractor, you can be sure that the work will pass inspection.

4. Guarantees

Many licensed contractors are willing to offer some kind of guarantee associated with their work, whether they promise the job will pass inspection or they warrantee their work for a set amount of time.

5. Safety

This is perhaps the best reason to hire a licensed professional for electrical work. A mistake could result in electrocution or leave your home in ashes.  It’s best to spend the money for a qualified professional.