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Your property is a very vital asset and investment. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure that it is safe at all times. One of the ways of ensuring this is to check that your electrical system is in the right condition. You have to check your system regularly, so you can detect any problem when it arises. There are certain warning signs that warrant a call an electrician. Here are 6 warning signs you immediately need an electrical contractor in Vancouver, BC.

1. Fuses and breakers going out often

If your circuit breakers are tripping regularly, this is a sign that there is excess current flow through the circuit. Current overflow can cause the fuses to blow out. It is possible for you to reuse breakers many times by just untripping them, but you need to replace fuses. Therefore, whenever breakers are tripping and fuses are burning out, this is a warning sign that you need to call an electrician to sort out the problem.

2. Flickering and dimming lights

Flickering and dimming of lights is a major sign that there is a circuit overload. This might be allowed in case some of your appliances, including motors, are switched on. However, if such appliances are not on, and you realise there is flickering and dimming of the lights, call an electrician for the right help.

3. Discoloring of your outlets

If you realise that your outlets are becoming discolored, there is a potential danger in your house. For this reason, immediate replacement is necessary. You should have your electric circuit checked because it is the main cause of such problems. In such a case, you should contact your Vancouver, BC, electrical contractor to rectify the problem.

4. Smell of burning object

If you notice a burning smell in your house from a specific source, you need to call your electrician immediately. Fire caused by a faulty electrical system usually has an acrid smell. Such a smell indicates that something is burning. Therefore, immediate help from an electrical contractor is needed to avoid more damage if the fire escalates. You should also make sure that you have a fire extinguisher on hand to put the fire out in case it arises before your electrician arrives.

5. Shocking outlets and switches

Shocking outlets and switches is a sign that there is loose wiring or a short circuit somewhere. The shock is very dangerous, as it can cause injuries and even death. Only a qualified electrician, who is able to quickly perform the proper repair work, should handle shocking outlets and switches.

6. Burning of your electrical appliances

If you realise that your electrical appliances are burning often as a result of electricity flow, you need to call a Vancouver, BC, electrical contractor to check out the problem. There might be an overflow of current or another problem that requires the attention of an electrician.