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You might not be too keen on the idea of upgrading all the light switches in your home to put your fixtures on dimmers, even though you’ll enjoy more flexibility in the process. What you may not realize is that there is a slew of benefits you can gain when you swap out switches. Here are a few advantages of having dimmer switches throughout your home.

Endless Lighting Options

When you comparison shop for electrical contractors in Vancouver to install your dimmer switches, the main draw is probably the variety of lighting options you’ll enjoy. The kitchen, for example, is an area where bright illumination is essential to safety during food prep and cooking, not to mention spotting issues like rot and mold on your food.

That said, there may be times when you want to tone it down, even in the kitchen.  For example, when you’re hosting a party bright lighting might prove intrusive. In other rooms in the house, bright lights could be practical for cleaning purposes, but less than ideal for leisure activities like lounging, reading, or romance.

Dimmer switches provide you with ample opportunity to set your lighting levels perfectly for any activity. There are other benefits you’ll enjoy, as well.

Energy Savings

The type of bulb you use can have a considerable impact on the amount of energy required to keep your home well-lit.  You might already know this if you purchase energy-saving CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) or LEDs (light emitting diodes). However, the level of light you demand can make a difference, as well.

When you use dimmer switches to set lighting at a lower level of intensity, you’re reducing electrical draw and saving energy and money on utility bills in the process. The savings may not seem dramatic at first, but they can definitely add up over time, especially when you apply them to every lighting fixture in your home.

Bulb Longevity

Modern light bulbs already last a lot longer, as reliable electrician services can inform you. CFLs tend to last more than six times longer than regular, incandescent bulbs, while LEDs last roughly six times as long as CFLs.

When you use only a fraction of the capacity of a bulb thanks to dimmer switches, these bulbs can last even longer, increasing your savings over time. This is not only better for your budget, but you’re cutting your carbon footprint as well.