Indoor Lighting:

-Recessed Lighting
Recessed lighting gives a clean look to your home, It can be used as a spotlight, or just a general lighting to bring light to dark corners of a kitchen, or living area, without the standard ceiling mounted fixture.

-Custom Lighting (Track Lights, Spotlights)
With so many ways to decorate and accent certain places of your home, it wouldn’t be the same once the sun goes down. Be it a single spotlight, or a couple well placed track lights and your home will once more be lit up with the subtle accent lights.

-Bathroom Lighting and GFCI Plugs
Every bathroom will be fitted with a GFCI plug, meaning that it will trip to protect you against any electrical shock that may happen due to the damp location. We provide many services such as installing a gfci plug for your bathroom, adding accent lights to the top and sides of a vanity.


-Kitchen Lighting
A kitchen is, for many families, considered a common area, next to the living room. There are many ways to make it a comfortable and enjoyable area in your home, such as under cabinet lights, and sink lights, to lights above your island and ambient lights.

-Lighting Controls
Enjoy an ideal atmosphere and save energy with Echelon Electric’s lighting control solutions. Whether you have new construction, or are looking to update your current lighting system, we can install or replace lighting to meet any budget. We can design the perfect lighting scheme for any occasion, from television viewing to dining and entertaining.

-Automated controls Switching out, Changing, Adding
There are multiple devices that can now be controlled from your phone, and lighting is not exempt from that list. With a simple swipe of your thumb, you can now light up your home before you even enter the house.

-Manual switches Switching out, Changing, Adding
If you find your lights to be too bright, there are many options of dimmers available to be installed. Not satisfied with the location of some switches in your home? Echelon electric can help you with any switch replacements, relocations, or new installations to make controlling the lights in your home easier than ever.


Circuit panels:

-Upgrades, Repairs, Installations
Whether you would like your service panel to be upgraded, or if you need a new panel altogether, Echelon Electric is certified and a knowledgeable choice for your installation.

-Sub Panels
A sub panel is a panel that branches off your main panel. If you have a workshop, or a garage on your property, a sub panel would be installed for ease of accessibility and convenience.

If you are planning on turning your basement into a legal separate suite it helps to branch off from your main panel to a separate sub panel. It gives the tenant full easy access to the circuits in their suite

-Generator Panels, And generator installations
Having a reliable generator running in your house is a good precautionary measure to take in case you are struck with an unexpected power outage. Just enough to power fridges and freezers, to keep your food from going bad, and enough light to get by until power is restored.

-New Panel Schedules
For safety and accessibility reasons, a clear and concise panel schedule is a useful thing to have. Having your panel schedule updated means no more turning off the wrong breaker that may be supplying power to a computer holding unsaved information

-Breaker and Panel Replacements
When a circuit panel is old, and the breakers are loose and cracking, it may be time to either replace the panel, or just get newer breakers.

-Dedicated circuits for new appliances
If you are planning on moving an appliance or adding one to your home, chances are, you will need a dedicated circuit for the appliance. This is to avoid overloading your circuit and continually tripping your breaker. Your everyday appliances such as Laundry Machines, fridges, space heaters, A/C etc all need their own dedicated circuits.


There is nothing more aggravating than having something suddenly not work and not being able to figure out why. As well as installing, replacing, and redesigning electrical in homes, we are also available to troubleshoot any problems that pop up.

Home Automations

Though technology keeps expanding, home automation with Echelon Electric can help simplify and streamline the hi-tech functions of your home. With centralized control of lighting, heating, air conditioning, and security systems, you can take advantage of the benefits of home technology with ease. You can control your home from anywhere using elegant touch screens, keypads, and even your smartphone. We will work with the design of your home to provide you with a visually pleasing way to control your home’s technology. With Echelon Electric, you, your home, its décor, and technology can all live together in harmony. Let your technology work for you with a customized home automation system.

Home Integration

As a Compass Control® integration installer, Echelon Electric can give you one-touch control over your lighting, audio/visual systems, window coverings, temperature, energy systems, and security systems. Compass Control® integration solutions make your environment a more effective and efficient place to work, shop, live, or visit. With Compass Control® you can effortlessly use your Apple iOS devices, including iPad®, iPad mini®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® to access the functions of your home or office. Easily control your environment and its technology from anywhere with Compass Control® and Echelon Electric. Compass Control® allows you to fully customize your surroundings with the greatest of ease.

Central Vacuum

Traditional sweeping and vacuuming are some of the most time consuming and monotonous activities we perform. With a central vacuum system installed by Echelon Electric, you can experience the ultimate convenience in home cleaning. Strategically placed vacuum valves and dust pans will help you quickly and easily clean your home, and get back to your work or family. For an even more luxurious experience, we offer the revolutionary Hide-A-Hose central vacuum system. With this set up, a retractable hose is installed right into the valve, eliminating the hassle of carrying a long hose from room to room. When you are finished, the suction of the vacuum retracts the hose back into the wall.  






Outdoor Lighting:

-Landscaping lights

Having strategically placed landscape lights can light up your home, as well as add to the look of your home. Not only will it showcase and accent your beautiful garden or pond, but it also acts as a security, by making sure that once the night falls, there will be no uninvited guests meandering on your property.

-Soffit Lights

These small recessed lights fit easily into your soffit space, and provides a soft glow around the perimeter of your home. They can be installed to the front of your home, to give enough light to see at night, or they can be placed all around your home for more security.

-Soffit and Outdoor Plugs

With soffit plugs, the long extension cords or interconnected holiday lighting is nonexistent. Simply plug a chain of lights to a plug installed into your soffit space for a clean look. They can even be all controlled from a separate area and programmed so they switch on at certain times in the day.

-EVSE Installations

If you have an electric vehicle, or are thinking of purchasing one, Having an EVSE station installed in your home is a must, for charging your electric vehicle overnight, to have it ready the next morning.



-Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are a necessity to keep your family and loved ones safe. Upgrading your smoke sensors and co2 detectors puts off worrying about being notified in case of fire.

 –Unmonitored Home Security

With unmonitored home security, you can leave the house worry free and with certain systems, can even check on the perimeter of your house with cameras live feeding to your smart phone.

 Camera Systems are not only an easy way to check the perimeter of your house without even having to leave your seat, but they can even be outfitted to save up to a certain amount of recordings.