Remote home control

Technology is constantly changing, but with the right electrical wiring, you and your home can be prepared for any future changes and advancements. Whether you are building a new home or renovating your current one, structured wiring will provide the necessary foundation for all of your hi-tech desires. Though structured wiring prepares your home for future advances in technology, it is convenient and surprisingly inexpensive. This set up will save you precious time and money that you would otherwise waste in order to keep up with developments in the industry. In this day and age, structured wiring is a necessity to keep you connected in every room of your home. Though it is inexpensive, it will feel like a luxury.

While structured wiring provides you with the latest technology, its installation is streamlined and efficient. A recessed low voltage panel will house all of your low voltage wires, allowing for distribution of nearly all audio or video feeds to any room in your home. By running a combination of coax, telephone wire, and digital cables from one central location to areas throughout your home, we can provide you with the best possible data network. Additionally, by combining hardwired Ethernet jacks with Wi-Fi hot spots and boosters, we can ensure that your network has no dead spots. To fit your home with structured wiring, contact Echelon Electric today.