Audio/Video Distribution and Home Theater:

-Audio Distribution
Imagine having music on demand, whether you are taking a shower, enjoying your yard, or working in the garage. With an audio distribution system, you can send music to any room in your home or office via a central processor. Easily control your tunes with a touch panel, tablet, smartphone, keypad, or handheld RF remote. Instead of a large and unsightly audio system, Echelon Electric can place speakers discreetly in walls, ceilings, bookshelves, yards, showers, and pools. With our advanced audio distribution systems, you can enjoy your music and your surroundings while minimizing the visual impact.

-Video Distribution
Streamline the design and efficiency of your movie, television, and gaming systems with video distribution technology from Echelon Electric. You and your family can enjoy your favorite TV shows, games, and movies, without having to deal with bulky cable and satellite boxes. You will also appreciate the simple, efficient, and elegant operation system. By placing your video equipment in one central location, you can eliminate clutter, while allowing friends, family, and guests to access their media in any room of your home. Contact us today for your free estimate.


-Home Theater
With Echelon Electric, you can enjoy the thrill and excitement of a movie theater experience, right from the comforts of your own home. Your dedicated cinema room is sure to please friends and family with its plush theater seating, optimized speaker placement, specialized acoustic treatment, customized lighting scheme, and excellent picture quality. At Echelon Electric we will design, engineer, and install a personalized home theater system that meets your individual needs.


If you never liked the look of cluttered routers with wires tangled together Echelon Electric can place all your internet/computer connections, cable terminals and telephone wires all in one data panel recessed in your walls for a clean desktop and clutterless tv stand.


Preventing an accidental shock to your young child and their curious fingers starts with the plugs placed conveniently at their height. If you already do not have Tamper resistant plugs, having them installed in your home will be an ease of mind, and a safety for your children.

Hot tubs, Pools

If you are thinking of installing a hot tub in your backyard, Echelon Electric can provide a clean easy hookup, from your panel to your hot tub.

Heated Floors

Waking up won’t be as hard anymore because with floors heated to just the right temperature the moment you get up, your heated floors will keep your toes toasty as you get ready for your day.