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While fire disasters often happen without any prior notice, there are certain incidents that happen because we do not exercise due caution. Therefore, assess your fire prevention measures and see if you are doing any of these shocking fire hazard mistakes. Do not forget that in the case of help, you can always get in touch with a Vancouver electrician.

1. Leaving lights on even when you are away

If you have the habit of leaving lights on and moving out of the room, then it is about time you changed this habit as this is not only a fire hazard but it will also cause an unpleasant addition to your electric bill.

How will it cause a fire?

Light bulbs can become seriously hot and if they are not handled right, then they may start a fire. Also remember that no matter which type of light fixture you use, none of them are completely safe. So it is best to turn off the lights as you leave your room, be it for a short time or when you leave home for a vacation. Even during holidays, if you use electrical decorations indoors or outdoors, be sure to set them up properly. If you are placing lights on a Christmas tree indoors, keep watering the tree as the dry tree has greater chances of catching a fire. The possible solutions to these issues include unplugging unnecessary lighting before you leave the house, installing sensor controlled lights so that you save electricity, and are safe and following all holiday decoration safety rules.

2. Plugging many objects into extension cords

Extension cords are used to provide electricity to equipment and if you overload these with too many cords, then there’s a chance of them catching fire. Most of us overload the extensions during the time of festivals as we decorate our homes with lights. Also, it is a wrong practice to place these cords under doorways and carpets. Additionally, large appliances must not be plugged in the cords as too much load on them can lead to a fire. Possible solutions include avoiding the use of extension cords on a daily basis and to preferably get circuits/outlets installed. Also, major appliances should not be plugged into wall sockets – not to mention one needs to buy and use the proper length cord.

3. Not cleaning the chimney regularly

Fire can be caused if you are not getting your home’s chimney cleaned on a regular basis. The reason is that animals might build their nests in them and drop debris, both flammable and not flammable if the chimney is not used for days. Also, certain substances such as Creosote could build up within the fireplace – this substance is extremely flammable. The one and preferred solution to this problem is cleaning the chimney on a regular basis.

4. Leaving food unattended on an open flame

You should always closely monitor the food that is being cooked as leaving it unattended on a stove or open flame can lead to a fire outbreak. There have been incidents where cooks left food unattended and the frying pan caught fire. So, monitor your food as it is being cooked. The best way to go about this is to first cook the food and then leave the kitchen when it is all done.

5. Leaving lit candles unattended

Candles can brighten your home when there is a power outage and can also add beauty to a decoration. While these candles are easily available and can be lit easily, if left unattended they can also cause fire in a room. So if you have used candles, the best thing to do is to blow off the candles that are not in use. Another point of caution is to keep candles at least 12 inches away from other objects, use battery-operated candles, and employ appropriate handles for candles.

6. Improper placing of space heaters

During winter, it is common to find space heaters in use in many homes. The risk of catching fire through these heaters is doubled when you use the coiled ones. In case you are using coil heaters to beat the chills, you should ensure that these are placed at safer distances. Also, you must get a fire-proof gate around these heaters (especially if you have children at home). The ideal thing to do will be to use automatic heaters that will automatically turn off in case the temperature in the room rises too high.

7. Smoking indoors

Some people smoke indoors and not only can it damage their health, it is also a high risk for fires. Therefore, those people with the habit of smoking indoors should try smoke outside and if they must do it indoors, they must extinguish cigarette filters using water or sand. Also you should not hold on to or flick away cigarette butts that are still lit.

If you practice caution and refrain from making all these mistakes, then you can reduce the chances of fire in your home. Nobody wants it to happen, so it pays to be prepared and in case you don’t want to be caught unawares, you should always contact a Vancouver electrician.